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I love solitude, people see me as an arrogant girl because i don't give them a shit,, much talk much mistake,, better to leave those whose brains think negative! I love making friends. When i get a new friend and feel the chemistry, i'd like to talk with the whole days.. Sometimes some new friends do not discover me, they leave me, i leave them, I'm lil bit ignorant at first.. finally, no friendship.. Man, when i love to talk to them, they think that i m in love, that's the worst, i hate this.. I make friend with both men and women,, I love to learn from people worldwide, so I talk to foreigners,  but i never think about cyberspace relationship, i wont be in love, do not purpose me via sites!! I admire brilliant people with righteous,, I love sharing with educated people, not educate by schools but by mind, means don't come to me with your disgusting thoughts.. I respect Friendship,, Last thing about me, I never compare my self with anyone else in this world, my imperfection means perfect! Frankly say, it seems like i am an idealist, i can't approve or disapprove it. You can value yourself.. Welcome t!! :)

Sabtu, 28 Mei 2011

macam macam kaktus

Kaktus (diambil dari bahasa Yunani: Kaktos) adalah nama yang diberikan untuk anggota tumbuhan berbunga famili Cactaceae. Kaktus dapat tumbuh pada waktu yang lama tanpa air. Kaktus biasa ditemukan di daerah-daerah yang kering (gurun). Kata jamak untuk kaktus adalah kakti. Kaktus memiliki daun yang berubah bentuk menjadi duri sehingga dapat mengurangi penguapan air lewat daun. Oleh sebab itu, kaktus dapat tumbuh pada waktu yang lama tanpa air. (Wikipedia).

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